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The base during the Clone Wars.

The Coruscant Naval Base was one of many massive naval bases on the planet Coruscant. After the Declaration of a New Order, the base was known as Imperial City Naval Base, abbreviated ICNB.


During the Clone Wars, the base was a massive staging area for the loading and unloading of Grand Army of the Republic forces. Yoda, witnessing the first wave of Acclamator-class assault ships launching from the landing platforms at the base and carrying clones to fight the Separatists, remarked on the beginning of the Clone Wars. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, alongside Onaconda Farr, Mas Amedda and Bail Organa, oversaw the launching of these vessels from a nearby balcony.

After the fall of the Republic and its reorganization into the Galactic Empire, the base became the location of an Imperial TIE pilot school. The pilot school was commanded for a time by the TIE fighter ace Vindoo Barvel.



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