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The IC-M-series (Imperial City maintenance droid), originally known as the RC-M-series (Republic City maintenance droid), was used as a janitor in Imperial City.


Constructed with two heads which faced each other, one was equipped with optical sensors, while the other had a data display screen. These heads allowed the droid to view the plans and blueprints it was working with while it operated. Just under two meters tall, this cylindrical droid was also equipped with a variety of manipulation arms and extendible tools, and its torso could telescope upward to allow the droid to reach high places.


Thousands were initially sold to the Galactic Republic over a century before the Battle of Yavin, then renamed after the creation of the Empire. They were very durable. Jacen and Jaina Solo once encountered a droid in the underlevels of Coruscant, trying to fulfill its decades old order to replace a string of burnt out lights.



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