The Imperial CompLink was a type of computer processing system developed by scientists at the dawn of the New Order that used the HoloNet to connect computers from thousands of worlds together. Costing tens of trillions of credits, and allowing too much freedom of communication, Palpatine rejected it the project. Officially, the reason for the rejection was the cost implications.[1]

Imperial Intelligence recovered the majority of documentation and software relating to the project and revived the project using several of the scientists who had proposed the idea. Using the network of Sector Plexus conduits, backed by the legion of Tech 4 PDVs, to link the computers of the galaxy rather than using the HoloNet, Imperial Intelligence reduced the cost by a factor of ten thousand. Using system cells and Tech, the necessary software was installed on computers across hundreds of sectors, but their efforts only connected six percent of the planetary networks to the CompLink. Just as Ubiqtorate was considering cancelling the project, seeing little benefit for the cost outlay, Geothray Camber, a Plexus technician came up with a new eavesdropping device that would allow Imperial Intelligence to circumvent virtually every computer security system. Camber had technical issues, however, and sent detailed scandocs to Doctor Lindu Sencker. Sencker's team solved Cambers theoretical and technical quandaries. The resulting device, the Hyperspace Orbiting Scanner, allowed Imperial Intelligence to eavesdrop on computer networks on more that 470,000 planets.[1]


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