The Imperial Court, also known as the Emperor's Court, was the collective body of high ranking Imperial officials with close ties the Emperor. Members of the Court were considered the political, military and social elite of the Empire.

During the first Galactic Empire, this membership included Grand Vizier Sate Pestage, the Imperial Advisors (including those that sat on the Imperial Ruling Council), senior bureaucrats such as Grand Moffs, Moffs, Imperial Ministers, senior military leaders of Imperial High Command, COMPNOR's Select Committee, the Ubiqtorate (including the Director of Imperial Intelligence) and the Grand Admirals. Other participants of the Court included members of the nobility (Imperial Lords and Barons), powerful business leaders and magnates, members of the Emperor's Dark Side Adepts (including the Prophets of the Dark Side/Emperor's Mages and Imperial Inquisitors), and the Emperor's Hands. Before its dissolution, members of the Imperial Senate were allowed to partake in the Emperor's Court.

Well known members included Grand Admiral Rufaan Tigellinus, Imperial Advisor Alec Pradeux, Grand Moff Traeda, and Moff Vilim Disra, just to name a few.



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