"The Imperial Crematorium. Each transport carries twenty dead Imperials. In the time that we have been here, nearly one hundred officers and troopers have been reduced to ash."

The Imperial Crematorium was a domed shaped facility located on Coruscant that was used to cremate the bodies of dead soldiers.

A few weeks after the end of the Clone Wars, Headmaster Gentis saw the Crematorium during a meeting of the military council at Imperial Center. At the time, each transport carried twenty dead soldiers of the Imperial Military to be cremated. As the New Order of the Galactic Empire continued, nearly one hundred officers and troopers had been reduced to ash. This caused Gentis to believe that Emperor Palpatine needed to be overthrown to reduce the loss of life in his endless war.

During the Ghost Prison crisis, Headmaster Gentis committed his coup and assassination attempt against the Emperor. In that time, he attempted to persuade an Imperial General to join his cause and watched the Crematorium where he recounted the origin of his plan. The Headmaster commented that it would not be long before they themselves faced the incinerator of the Imperial Crematorium as a result of Palpatine's wars.


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