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Imperial Customs
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"Halt. Keep your hands visible at all times. You must cooperate fully with Imperial agents. Loyal citizens have nothing to fear from the Empire."
―An Imperial Customs Agent[src]

Imperial Customs was a agency of the Galactic Empire responsible for ensuring imports and exports that traveled through Imperial Space were legal and complied with Imperial laws and regulations. In that capacity, Imperial Customs engaged smugglers, arms runners, spice traders, and other criminals engaged in the movement and sale of illegal substances, as well as legitimate independent spacers and large-scale freight haulers. Furthermore, Customs also helped deter pirates and participate in search and rescue missions.

A Golan III Imperial Customs platform near Zhar

Imperial Customs had a significant number of space stations - such as Golan III defensive platforms - under their control at the time of the Galactic Civil War. These platforms were located on common hyperspace corridors of which were serviced and protected by the Imperial Navy. An example of a Customs Outpost of this type would be the platform located in the Zhar system.

The most recognizable symbol of Imperial Customs was the Rendili Star Drive Light corvette, more commonly known as the "Imperial Customs Corvette" because the ship was produced exclusively for the Customs office. Customs tried to keep at least one of these vessels on patrol in every system and backwater systems could expect a visit at least every three to four weeks.


Byblos Starport Customs officer
Imperial Customs officer with stormtrooper at Byblos Starport Tower 214.


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