The Imperial Detainment Facility was an underground prison facility in the Imperial Fortress on Yavin 4. It was established after the Rebel Alliance evacuated the moon and Imperial forces took control of the jungle world.

The facility had only one entrance; a small bunker-like building. The large underground prison featured many holding cells and a large hall with holding pens. It was guarded and patrolled by a variety of droids, including mouse droids, B1 battle droids, Prisoner Tracking Probot Droids, Droidekas and Super Battle Droid sentries. Key personnel present at the facility included the stormtrooper JH-101, scout trooper QQ-463, stormtrooper group leader EX-222, Colonel Rogen Lithal, Galactic Marine veteran BO-661 and the Dark Jedi Loy Kommas.

1.5 years ABY, a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle on route to the Imperial Fortress crash-landed near the Mining Outpost. A Rebel agent sent by Wedge Antilles inspected the wreckage and found evidence that six Alliance pilots were held prisoner at this facility. Antilles asked the Rebel to infiltrate the facility and free the prisoners. The agent managed to fight his way in and in the confusion killed several key Imperials and stole their uniforms. Disguised as Imperials, the pilots left the facility unhindered.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Imperial Detainment Facility is a location in Sony Online Entertainment's MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. It only appeared during the Empire Day/Remembrance Day events of 2009 to 2011. Rebel-aligned players could talk to Wedge Antilles to receive a quest that would take them to this facility to free prisoners.