"It was Imperial Transport who brought you there, Imperial Supply who arranged and provisioned that house for you, and Imperial Engineering who built the camouflaged island landing site for your use."
―Grand Admiral Thrawn[src]

The Imperial Engineering Corps, also called Imperial Engineering, were a corps of engineers in the Galactic Empire's Military. They were responsible for building operations for the military, such as constructing bases.

They constructed the Imperial Ore Facility on Raxus Prime and the Raxus Prime Imperial Shipyard in orbit of Raxus, that used metal collected from the surface to build Star Destroyers. It was mentioned that it was the most important construction project undertaken by the Corps at the time, around 2 BBY. The Engineering Corps also searched out for obedient alien populations to act as laborers.

In 9 ABY, Grand Admiral Thrawn mentioned to the clone of Jorus C'baoth that the Corps was responsible for building him an island on the planet of Jomark.

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