"Haven't you ever seen the broken-down acts the Guild'll throw in to fill a play date, just so they can hang on to their agent's fee?"
―Han Solo[src]

The Imperial Entertainers' Guild was a corporation that employed professional holofilm showmen and women entertainers. For an agent's fee, the Guild would book acts in all parts of the galaxy. Their emblem was the mask-and-sunburst. The company became the foremost business for entertainers during the reign of the Galactic Empire. It appears that during this time, entertainers were only able to work through this company so that the Empire could consolidate and regulate the type of entertainment that reached its subjects. The Guild was very xenophobic and only employed Humans, drying up the entertainment industry for non-humans and forcing them to search for jobs far away from Imperial influence. In 2 BBY, Hokkor Long was the Secretary in charge of scheduling for the Entertainers' Guild.



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