"What does the Imperial Preservation & Refocusing Authority do?
I'm not sure, but I believe it has something to do with exploiting a planet's natural resources and making it look like
―A spacer and Brennis Doore[src]

The Imperial Environmental Preservation & Refocusing Authority, also known generally as the Imperial Preservation & Refocusing Authority, or the IEPRA for short, was a government department of the Galactic Empire staffed by Lieutenant Rille Nuder and other Imperial officials during the time of the Galactic Civil War. The exact nature of the agency was not clear, although Brennis Doore, the Royal Naturalist Society of Naboo, and an assassin of an IEPRA official indicated that at least one of its policies involved exploiting a planet for their natural resources under the cover of progress and turning natural worlds into factory planets, possibly risking the planet's ecosystem in the process.


Ecosystem of NabooEdit


Lieutenant Rille Nuder, a representative of the IEPRA

"We must save Naboo before the Empire destroys it!"
―Statement from the Royal Naturalist Society of Naboo[src]

The Imperial Environmental Preservation & Refocusing Authority conducted routine missions to expunge dangerous animals from any area where Imperial agents were scheduled to establish service posts on the planet Naboo. According to the IEPRA, these temporary survey sites were established in the wilds of Naboo for the purposes of galactic security. Before each site was constructed, the IEPRA expunged dangerous and nuisance animals from the area. The IEPRA found it expedient to hire private contractors for this type of work, and frequently sent coordinates to hunters who wished to aid the IEPRA in removing wildlife. However, the IEPRA also experienced problems with the larger creatures of Naboo somehow managing to encroach upon their temporary sites. They consulted the Royal Naturalist Society of Naboo for advice, but the IEPRA alleged that they offered no insight as to why their wildlife eradication protocol was failing. As the IEPRA continued to research this problem, they called upon additional hunters to manually clear these areas again, so that their agents could conduct their business in peace.[1]

Meanwhile, the Royal Naturalist Society of Naboo became incensed at the behavior of the Imperial Environmental Preservation & Refocusing Authority. According to the Society, to accommodate the various Imperial sites on the planet's surface, the IEPRA had interfered with the rich ecosystem of Naboo. This was argued to have disrupted the natural balance of predator and prey on the lush Mid Rim world. To restore this balance, the Society identified several habitats in which both predatory and prey species needed to be culled in order to realign the population. The Society called on hunters to participate in their program. However, the efforts of the Society did little to deter the actions of the IEPRA. Even after the Society's attempts to preserve the natural balance of Naboo's ecosystem, the IEPRA continued to eradicate additional creatures. The Royal Naturalist Society likened the killers of these animals to "despicable murderers." Feeling as though they had no choice but to respond again, the Society called upon the services of outdoorsmen willing to euthanize the starving animals which survived what the Society referred to as the "Empire's heartless campaign." In an effort to save Naboo from the apparently destructive actions of the Empire, the Society provided the coordinates to the locations of these killing grounds.[1]

Indeed, the IEPRA was on occasion forced to solve problems created by the very Empire they served. In one instance, local animals ended up ingesting contaminated runoff from the Emperor's Retreat, a private sanctuary for Galactic Emperor Palpatine nestled within Naboo's Gallo Mountains. The IEPRA feared that the creatures which ingested the runoff posed a significant risk to the planetary ecosystem. The creatures had since dispersed to various places on the planet, forcing the IEPRA to contract additional hunters to dispose of these animals as quickly as possible. IEPRA satellite droids isolated several potential locations where these contaminated animals might be found. These coordinates were made available to qualified applicants. The hunters who succeeded in destroying these contaminated specimens were subsequently scanned by the IEPRA. These scans indicated a significant amount of contamination in the bodies of the hunters, confirming their successful engagement with the target animals. Because the IEPRA did not know what effect this contamination might have on the physiology of these hunters, the IEPRA recommended making arrangements for a funeral or other death rites in the event of an untimely demise.[1]

Assassination of an Imperial Environmental Refocusing OfficialEdit

"That Imperial sleaze planned to destroy my homeworld's ecosystem and turn it into a factory planet. Preventing that is worth a bounty hunter on my tail."
―The killer of an Imperial Environmental Refocusing Official[src]

Around this same point in time, an individual murdered an Imperial Environmental Refocusing Official. The murderer was angered by the official's alleged plans to destroy the ecosystem of their homeworld and turn it into a factory planet. However, because the assassin left behind their sniper rifle, the Empire discovered the identity of the assailant. The Empire subsequently issued a bounty on the target, who was believed to be "moderately armed" and "medium-threat." A bounty hunter ultimately succeeded in locating and eliminating the target, but not without being ordered by the Empire to give the following message to the target before termination: "You left your sniper rifle behind. Very sloppy." Following the death of the target, the Empire sent their congratulations, but discouraged the bounty hunter from publicizing their success. The Empire believed that these types of murderers often wished to die a public death, and become seen as martyrs.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Imperial Environmental Preservation & Refocusing Authority was mentioned in a bounty hunter terminal mission titled Killer of Imperial Environmental Refocusing Official.


Notes and referencesEdit

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