This article is about the base camp on Talus. You may be looking for other Imperial Forward Base Camps.
Talus imperial forward base camp

The forward camp

The Imperial Forward Base Camp was a small staging ground for the Special Forces of the Empire near the contested Weapons Depot on the planet Talus.

Behind the scenesEdit

This camp is a location in Sony Online Entertainment's MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. It serves as a spawning point for Imperial players near the Weapons Depot, which is a zone where PVP-enabled (Special Forces) players fight for the control over the depot. Players that died in battle can clone here and re-join the fight. It can be reached by shuttle from every shuttleport and starport on Talus.

The camp was added with the Chapter 2 update in August 2006 that changed the Weapons Depot into a PVP zone.