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"Sir, Imperial Command has already contacted us. It's... it's Lord Vader, sir. He wishes to speak to you. Personally."
―An Imperial officer, to the admiral of the Harbinger[src]

Imperial High Command,[1] also known as Imperial Command,[3] or High Command,[4] was a command division in the Galactic Empire.[3] The Sith Lord Darth Vader[2] and Grand Admiral Thrawn were members of Imperial High Command.[1] It had at least one subdivision, which developed new strategies and tactics as part of the Empire's five-year plans for the Outer Rim Territories.[5]


"Look sharp, This factory is being honored by a surprise visit from Imperial High Command."
Agent Alexsandr Kallus to a group of workers in the Imperial Armory Complex on Lothal[src]

The Imperial High Command was a command division of the Galactic Empire.[3] During his time at the Academy for Young Imperials, while pretending to be a model cadet, Zare Leonis secretly provided information about Imperial Command to the Spectres.[3] According to Minister Maketh Tua of Lothal, Imperial Command was not able to take action against Rebel-sympathizers who had powerful friends in the Imperial Senate.[6]

In 2 BBY, the Imperial High Command dispatched Grand Admiral Thrawn to the Imperial Armory Complex on Lothal to investigate a high rate of faulty vehicles. Thrawn determined that a rebel cell had been sabotaging the vehicles and executed the laborer and resistance agent Morad Sumar during a demonstration on a 614-AvA speeder bike.[1] Following the presumed destruction of the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Harbinger by the Rebel Alliance, Darth Vader personally contacted the Star Destroyer's admiral.[2]

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Imperial High Command was first mentioned in the reference book Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide. While its place within the greater command structure of the Galactic Empire has not been fully established in canon, it was said in Star Wars 22: The Last Flight of the Harbinger, Part II that Darth Vader was a member of Imperial Command.[2] The High Command was also briefly mentioned by the Imperial officer Plumestriker in the non-Canon 2016 Disney XD television series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures episode "Showdown on Hoth".


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