Imperial HoloNews was a news channel during the Age of the Empire. It was owned by the Galactic Empire and had a local edition for the planet Gorse. During the Gorse conflict, it reported on Count Denetrius Vidian's tour of the Gorse system and covered up his plot to detonate the moon Cynda. It published several headlines.[1]


Source:  A New DawnAttribution:  Imperial HoloNews (Gorse edition)
  • "Emperor unveils ambitious plan for Imperial fleet expansion"
  • "Count Vidian contributes star power to new industrial inspection tour"
  • "Leftover unexplored ordnance from Clone Wars remains a concern"
  • "Hunt under way for missing after industrial accident on Cynda"
  • "Count Vidian arrives on Gorse for inspection tour, traffic delays possible"
  • "Count Vidian leading Mining Guild in heroic effort to stabilize moon"
  • "Blast investigators turn eyes to mining firms"
  • "Tourism industry watchers suggest busy season for travel ahead"
  • "Emperor's robotic mining plan for dayside brings new era to Gorse"
  • "Vidian's HoloNet site goes dark as disease relapse claims him"
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Behind the scenesEdit

Imperial HoloNews first appeared in John Jackson Miller's 2014 novel A New Dawn, the first in a series of new Canon novels produced under the auspices of the Lucasfilm Story Group. Headlines were used on the title pages of the novel's sections to provide context to the plot.


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