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The Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, also known as the "Impstar-Deuce," was a Star Destroyer model used by the Galactic Empire. The successor of the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, it came into service in or before 5 BBY.


Star Destroyer Blueprint SWCT

Imperial II-class Star Destroyer schematics

Built by Kuat Drive Yards,[1] the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer was a capital ship model[10] derived from the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer.[1] Like its predecessor, it was painted a subdued shade of gray, was wedge-shaped, had a bridge tower,[6] and measured 1600 meter in length.[2] However, it featured a communications tower with vertical support beams between its two deflector shield generator domes,[5] while the Imperial I-class had a tractor beam targeting array with support beams running diagonally across it.[11]


The command bridge of the Imperial II-class was arranged almost identically[9] to that of the Imperial I-class,[12] with a command walkway and two pits where Imperial technicians operated their console stations, which were arranged perpendicular to the walkway.[9]


The Kuat Drive Yards started producing the Imperial II-class[1] as early as 5 BBY.[8] The ISD Avenger, which participated in the Imperial victory at Hoth,[9] was an Imperial II-class vessel,[13] and so was the ISD Torment, which took part in Operation: Cinder under the command of Captain Lerr Duvat.[6]

Behind the scenesEdit


The mistaken depiction of an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer

On the first page of Shattered Empire, Part II, illustrated by Emilio Laiso, the ISD Torment was mistakenly depicted with the targeting array of an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer. This was rectified in the last page of the very same issue, drawn this time by Marco Checchetto,[14] which featured a tower similar[6] to that of the ISD Avenger shown in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back.[9]



Notes and referencesEdit

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