"Tseebo went to work for the Imperial Information Office after the Empire took my parents away."
Ezra Bridger[src]

The Imperial Information Office[2] (IIO)[4] was an Imperial government office.[2] IIO workers could wear AJ^6 cyborg constructs, brain implants which could connect to computers and download information, to increase efficiency.[4] Tseebo, a Rodian, worked for the Imperial Information Office on the planet Lothal and was outfitted with an AJ^6, which he later used to download Imperial secrets onto the headpiece that were discovered by the Spectres, who in return helped Tseebo escape from Lothal.[2] Later, a group lead by LT-319 attempted to highjack C1-10P, in order to discover the rebel base, from their IGV-55 surveillance vessel. This plan failed, and the ship exploded after its memory core was overloaded.[1]

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