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For other uses, see Medal of Honor.

The Imperial Medal of Honor was medal granted by the Galactic Empire for service above and beyond the call of duty.

One was awarded to an Imperial-aligned spacer for eliminating several key Rebel personnel aboard a fully functional, Rebel-owned CR90 corvette.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Imperial Medal of Honor appeared in the expansion to the MMORPG game Star Wars Galaxies, An Empire Divided, as well as in a card belonging to the Galactic Hunters section of the same MMORPG. In the former instance, it was an award for Imperial-aligned players should they undergo the Assassination option for the Corellian Corvette mission. The appearances differed slightly: In the Badges menu for the game, the Imperial Medal of Honor was represented as a slight "I" with the Imperial insignia inside and a white spike. In the card, the medal was represented by a silver medallion with a purple-and-black collar ribbon and what resembled a TIE Advanced on the medal. It should be noted that the overall design of the medal in the latter source resembled that of the Medal of the Emperor's Fist.



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