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"Service, Fealty, Fidelity"
―Motto of the Imperial Naval Academy[src]

The Imperial Naval Academy was an important component within the Imperial Academy system, considered the oldest and most prestigious training institution for Imperial Navy officers.[1][2]

Imperial Navy crewman-cadets who qualified in the top two percent in entrance tests had the option of training at the elite institution instead of at a Sector Naval Academy. Rather than the normal one-year Academy course, training took thirty months, and reflecting its status, the top third of the cadets in each class were eligible for training as TIE pilots, rather than five percent at other Academy institutions.[1][2]

The exact location of the Imperial Naval Academy was classified, but it was said to be the oldest, the model for the curriculum throughout the Imperial Academy system. It may have been descended from the Naval Academy based on Coruscant in the fortieth century BBY, or the institution housed in a temporary site on Coruscant in 19 BBY[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

As the Imperial Sourcebook states explicitly that the "Imperial Naval Academy" name could loosely be applied to any Sector Naval Academy, it is not clear exactly where the real Imperial Naval Academy was located.

Coruscant, Carida, Raithal, and Prefsbelt IV are among the possibilities, but the authors of Coruscant and the Core Worlds hint strongly that it is on Anaxes, linking the two through the Holt family.



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