Imperial Noghri Commando Team 22 was an Imperial military unit active during the Galactic Civil War. In 9 ABY, led by Khabarakh clan Khim'bar, the team was sent to Kashyyyk by Grand Admiral Thrawn in order to capture Princess Leia Organa Solo. Organa Solo was hiding there under the protection of numerous Wookiees, but their numbers thinned significantly after several days of inactivity.

An attack was mounted, but the attempt was a failure, resulting in the deaths of all the Noghri except Khabarakh. During the initial attack, Leia encountered Khabarakh; he had the chance to kill her, but did not after he realized that she was the Mal'ary'ush, daughter and heir to the Noghri's former master, the Lord Darth Vader. He was knocked unconscious by Chewbacca, a friend of Organa Solo's, and later interrogated. After the interrogation, Khabarakh and Leia agreed to meet at Endor. He would then escort her to Honoghr, the Noghri's homeworld.