"The Emperor once again commissioned artists across the Galaxy to express the power of the Empire with paint. I was then hired to give the painting to all citizens."
Navari Trik speaking of Imperial Oasis Incident[src]

Imperial Oasis Incident was the title of an Imperial propaganda poster painted some time during 1 ABY. It was the winner of the second Galactic Empire Painting Contest. Upon winning the contest, it was given out to spacers in Mos Eisley by Navari Trik.


The painting depicted the Imperial Oasis on Tatooine, surrounded by a number of AT-STs and Imperial Stormtroopers. A Stormtrooper Commander could be seen pointing at a mysterious explosion, perhaps ordering his troopers to investigate.

Behind the scenesEdit

Imperial Oasis Incident was a painting that players of Star Wars Galaxies could obtain for a limited time, from a Non-Player Character (NPC) in Mos Eisley. The painting was voted on by the players, barely winning against another painting titled Tightening the Noose. A third painting titled Scouting the Forest for the Main Force was also voted on, but was disqualified for stealing the art material from another individual. This painting had many votes, and would have likely won if it were not disqualified.

Imperial Oasis Incident was created by Lexx Yovel of the Starsider server.

The previous winner of the Galactic Empire Painting Contest was United in Our Cause.



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