The Imperial Outpost on Dantooine was a military outpost established by the Galactic Empire shortly after the Battle of Yavin, when a permanent garrison was established on the planet.



A view of the Dantooine Imperial Outpost at dusk.

During 1 ABY, the outpost was commanded by Commander Jatrian Lytus. Among the other Imperial personnel stationed at this outpost were Colonel Bek Rabor, Lieutenant Juntah Herm, Stormtrooper LX-466, scout troopers SG-567 and SG-619, Black Epsilon pilot trainer Insurgent and the researcher Xaan Talmaron.

The outpost featured a landing pad for interstellar shuttles, a small medical facility with a 2-1B surgical droid and a cantina. Its perimeter was guarded by patrolling stormtroopers and AT-STs.



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