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The Awards Auditorium of the Imperial Palace on Coruscant served as a place for the Galactic Emperor to present awards to various personnel from the Imperial Military's various branches for tremendous service to the Galactic Empire from its construction circa 18 BBY until the death of Palpatine aboard the Death Star at the battle over Endor in 4 ABY.


"We are here to honor one who has served the Empire."
―Palpatine, presenting the Emperor's Will Award to Maarek Stele[src]

Located at the Imperial Palace, the Emperor's Awards Auditorium was constructed following the rise of the Galactic Empire. From a series of steps, Emperor Palpatine would address the attending Imperial personnel and personally hand over the necessary medal to Imperial personnel for specific acts of service to the Empire. One of these Imperial soldiers was the TIE pilot Maarek Stele, who was personally awarded the Emperor's Will medal by the Emperor himself via Darth Vader for his actions in saving him from his abduction by Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin over Coruscant during the latter's military coup.[2]


An enormous chamber designed for public matters, the Palace's Awards Auditorium consisted of a large auditorium, with a central walkway containing a red carpet adorned with the Imperial logo. On each side of the carpet are rows of soldiers standing at attention, and in front is a platform where the Emperor makes his pronouncements and supplies the award. The stage itself also was part of a towering building with six balconies (three on each side, with their having red and blue banners depicting the Imperial logo), with the center portion having the Imperial logo above as well as a central pillar. Emperor's Royal Guards also guarded the area both at the top and at the bottom. The throne likewise located at the stage behind the Emperor.


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