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Mara Jade: "Where are we?"
Zakarisz Ghent: "The old Imperial Palace on Coruscant. Medical wing. They had to do some reconstruction of your neural pathways. Don't you remember?"
Mara Jade and Zakarisz Ghent[src]

The medical wing of the Imperial Palace on Coruscant was a fully stocked and state of the art medcenter which serviced the Palace during the regimes of the Galactic Empire and the New Republic.


Erected within the Imperial Palace on Coruscant under the regime of the Galactic Empire, this medcenter was fully stocked and equipped with the finest medical equipment in the Empire. When the New Republic liberated the planet in 6 ABY and ousted all Imperials, the fledgling government made the Palace their base. In 9 ABY the former Emperor's Hand, Mara Jade, was brought to the Palace's medical facility to recover from wounds she had received to her neural pathways.[2]



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