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The Imperial Repulsortank 1-L was a light variant of the Imperial-class repulsortank.


Constructed by Ubrikkian Industries, the 1-L was a cheap version of the Imperial-class repulsortank. It mounted only a single Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. Mark 3/S Medium Blaster Cannon. The 1-L required a crew of two to operate; a driver and a gunner. There was room for two passengers in the tank, usually reserved for a section sergeant or platoon sergeant major who generally moved between all the tanks in a unit on a daily basis. Like all Imperial-class repulsortanks, the 1-L was built on the same 20.5 meter-long chassis and could reach speeds of up to 300 kilometers an hour. It had a cargo capacity of 300 kilograms and a ground clearance of two meters. 1-Ls cost 40,000 credits.

The lightly-armored hull was sloped in order to deflect blaster fire, and was fully environmantally sealed, with up to 3 standard days of air and water available.[2]


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