Research facility

A layout of the research station.

The Imperial Research Station was a facility constructed by the forces of Moff Kentor Sarne on the planet of Binaros.


The Research Station was constructed from several portable units that were buried into the hill behind the temple ruins. The only known means of entry was via a turbolift that was concealed in the crypt chamber of the ruins.

The turbolift opened out onto a large comm room, which contained three computer terminals and nine chairs. On the right hand wall, two doors led to the barracks and officer's quarters. The barracks were designed to accommodate eight personnel, with four Imperial-issue beds lined up against each wall. The officer's quarters were sub-divided into two separate rooms, complete with bunk, folding chair and desk. Across from the barracks and officer’s quarters were the scientist’s quarters. The scientist's quarters contained six bunks, and a dedicated computer terminal.

At the rear of the facility were the biolab, the biotesting lab, and the storeroom. The biolab had four work tables in the center of the room, and also had four mini-labs lining the back wall. Each mini-lab was capable of maintaining a different climate for experimentation purposes. The biotesting lab was used to test biological substances, and equipment was moved into the room on a case-by case basis depending upon the needs of the experiment. The storeroom was a general purpose room used to store various equipment and supplies.


After discovering the ruins of a temple on Binaros, Moff Sarne decided to establish a hidden research facility on the planet, using the temple as a cover. The facility was constructed using portable units buried in the hill behind the temple. A landing field, which had to be regularly cleared of vegetation, was situated roughly one hundred and seventy-five meters north-east of the temple ruins, and was used by ships on supply runs.

The research facility was used to test various bio weapons for Sarne.

The facility was abandoned in roughly 7 ABY when Moff Sarne ordered his research teams back to Kal'Shebbol. All of the computers were flash-erased, and a BlasTech T-21 light repeating blaster was set up in the comm room, mounted on a tripod. Connected to the turbo lift door via a computer jack, the weapon was programmed to fire if the door was opened. The Imperials also left behind four Arakyd G-2RD Guard Droids in the biolab, as well as MSE-X-PR6. A beacon was also left in the facility, designed to activate and transmit to the nearest Imperial unit in case the base was breached.

In 8 ABY, the crew of the New Republic corvette FarStar discovered the facility. After successfully entering the base and defeating the traps and guard droids, they salvaged anything of value and left the planet.