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Imperial Research Station 13 was a modified Imperial escort frigate which had been completely converted into an immense laboratory facility. Unknown to the outside world, however, was the fact that the station had served as the site of experiments to tap into the dark side of the Force—experiments which created the Black Mist, a partially sapient, fog-like entity which fed on the life force of other sapient creatures. The creature killed all the crewmembers aboard the station and, through knowledge gained from them, reprogrammed all the R2 units and 3PO droids on board to form his personal army, arming them with blaster pistols and blaster rifles. Unfortunately for the creature, the last of the crewmembers managed to completely disable the ship's sublight drives and hyperdrives before they died, trapping the creature on the ship.

However, when the Sidewinder appeared from hyperspace in the vicinity of the research station while traveling from Tegrat to Tatooine, the Black Mist immediately took advantage of the situation. He caught the ship in the station's tractor beams and fired turbolasers at the sublight drives to disable it. When the Sidewinder was taken into the hangar, the group on board found it strange that they were not boarded. They soon discovered that the station's tractor beams were causing a flux in the diagnostics systems, meaning that before they could effect repairs, they would have to shut down the tractor beam projectors. While exploring the station in an attempt to shut them down, the group was attacked randomly by the droid army of the Mist, with only two droids ever attacking at one time. This was in fact a ploy by the Mist to force the group deep into the ship. He eventually appeared to them in the body of the last crewmember of the station, but when they attempted to capture him, he fell to the floor and his head broke apart in a shower of dry, crusty fragments. He then possessed a member of the crew, and proceeded to flee back towards the Sidewinder so that he could escape into hyperspace.

When he got to the ship, the Black Mist ordered his droid army to disengage the tractor beam which allowed the Sidewinder to float out of the hangar while he was performing repairs. Unfortunately for the Mist, these repairs were never completed as the former crew of the ship managed to blast the Sidewinder to pieces with the research station's turbolasers stranding both themselves and the Mist forever.