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The Imperial Robotics Construction Facility Ice Station Beta was an Imperial manufacturing plant on the ice planet of Anteevy.


The station refined Phrik and was responsible for the construction of specially-modified cold-weather All Terrain Armored Transports—nicknamed among the Imperial Navy as "snow walkers". These walkers, designed with heat circulation systems, de-icing controls, and energy efficient environmental controls, were employed with great success during the Battle of Hoth in 3 ABY.[1]

It may also have been where phase two of the Dark Trooper Project was to proceed. Newly defected Imperial officer Crix Madine indicated this as the second target the Rebel Alliance needed to hit in order to terminate the project.

The base was then infiltrated by Rebel agent Kyle Katarn and destroyed by placing sequencer charges throughout certain thermal exhaust ports. Both Phase I and Phase II Dark Troopers were deployed to defend the inner segments of the facility.

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