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JKAhs saboteur

A saboteur

Imperial Saboteurs were specially trained Imperial soldiers who specialized in demolitions and sabotage. Highly skilled in the use of many different types of explosives they also were equipped with a state of the art camouflage field generator that could render them almost invisible, allowing them to slip past enemy defenses to reach their target. Saboteurs would have succeeded in causing a hover train to crash into a station on Corellia, blowing up a large and vital power facility on Bakura and demolishing an ancient stronghold on Yalara—had not Jaden Korr arrived as they were setting up their explosive devices. Saboteurs were also employed to deter Korr as he searched for Rosh Penin on Taspir III.

They were dangerous foes as they could avoid most security measures, and even if they were discovered they could simply turn on their camouflage fields and disappear, right in front of their enemies, easily escaping from tight spots. This ability was also useful for ambushes if fighting looked inevitable. These potentially lethal abilities of the saboteurs may have caused them to be a much greater thorn in the side of the Rebels had not Jaden Korr killed most of them on his adventures. It is not known whether any Saboteurs survived Korr or were deployed on other planets.

Clad in black and flexible light armor for mobility, they were armed generally with a DL-44 heavy blaster pistol, a E-11 blaster rifle, or a DXR-6 disruptor rifle; and most were not trained for toe-to-toe combat or heavy shootouts like stormtroopers were, and the Saboteurs did not last that long in combat if things turned heavy. Their armor however somewhat offset their lack of firepower as it was tougher than that of a stormtrooper.


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