"Military research, organized like an insect's hive of divisions and subdivisions with their own would-be queens."
―Doctor Lokin[src]

The Imperial Science Bureau, also known as the Imperial Science Corps, was a division of the Sith Empire that was dedicated to research and development of new technology. It held a significant amount of influence in order to achieve its aims through other agencies within the Empire.

During the Cold War, they were responsible for getting the Imperial Diplomatic Service to assign Ambassador Vector Hyllus assigned on Alderaan in order to get him to encounter the Killiks so that they could witness the process that transformed a sentient into a Joiner. This was all part of Project Protean that sought to find means to use alien species to enhance Imperial operatives by means of genetic engineering. In addition, they constructed a device called a Brood Totem that worked to lure Killiks to its position following synchronization and deployed Special Tactics Group 41-Delta on this mission.




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