Imperial Special Forces was a branch of the military of the Sith Empire. Unlike regular Imperial infantry units, special forces operated under a stricter chain of command which allowed them to execute more daring and ardous missions too intense for standard military units.

Due to the nature of their work, special forces received more advanced equipment than the standard issue kit, typically differentiating when it came down to a team or member's role. But, what remained clear is how skilled special forces were and their numerous victories prove the cost.


Cold WarEdit

In 3643 BBY on the Imperial homeworld of Dromund Kaas, Special Forces Captain Bryn recruited aid in recovering plans to Lord Grathan's experimental turrets.

In the same year, on Tatooine, Imperial Reclamation Service Captain Tremont dispatched two Special Forces teams to cripple a local warlord's power base.[2]

Galactic WarEdit

Around 3638 BBY, as part of a bold strike against Tython initiated by Darth Arkous of the Sphere of Military Offense, Special Forces soldiers secured a landing area in the Tythonian Gnarls for Imperial reinforcements.[3] Similarly, when the Galactic Republic launched a similar offensive against Korriban, Special Forces secured a landing zone in the Lower Wilds.[4] Sergeant Tarsten, a member of Darth Arkous' staff and participant in these operations, was a member of the Special Operations branch of the Office of Military Offense.


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