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This article is about the class of Star Destroyer used by the Galactic Empire. You may be looking for a painting depicting one of these ships.

The Imperial-class Star Destroyer was a type of Star Destroyer widely used by the Galactic Empire and the Imperial Remnant. There were two sub-classes of the line: the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer (also known as Imperator-class), and the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer.

Behind the scenes

In Star Wars Insider 125, they used a fanon artwork of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer created by Ansel Hsiao, which was labeled on his site as the Imperator-class ("Imperator" is derived from the title for the Roman Empire's head of state, which is also where the French word "Empereur," and by extension, the English word "Emperor," is derived from).

An Imperial-class Star Destroyer can be made playable via the cheat "Imperial Entanglements" in the game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds and the expansion, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns.

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Ansel Hsiao's gallery including the Imperial-class Star Destroyer (referred to on the site as Imperator-class).

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