An Imperial Terror Trooper.

The Imperial Terror Troopers were a division of the Imperial Military devoted to special operations. The brainchild of Darth Vader.[1], the prototype Terror Troopers' were trained and equipped on Kamino.


Much of the equipment used by the Terror soldier's was highly advanced, from the cloaking devices favored by the troopers to the destructive capabilities of the Terror Walker. The backbone of the Terror soldiers squads were Battle droids. Reinforced by the cloaked troopers, the droids were specialized for anything ranging from covert sabotage to out and out destruction.[1]

Everything about them was designed for psychological warfare, from the stylized Kaleesh war masks of the troopers to the overwhelming size and capabilities of the walker.[2]


Terror TrooperEdit

The most visible face of the Terror soldiers, the Troopers were experimental units designed to enter hostile environments and dispose of targets without leaving a trace. Externally, their combat suits appeared to be heavily modified versions of standard Imperial armor, seemingly incorporating design elements from the Sith stalker armor, notably in the helmet design and the clawed gauntlets and boots. The helmet was designed as a stylized Kaleesh war mask, designed to inspire the image of the dead General Grievous.[2] To allow for increased mobility, the Terror Troopers armor was heavily segmented, or entirely missing in certain places.[1]

Functionally, the armor was equipped with a personal cloaking device, allowing the troopers to literally disappear. The armor also appeared to include a breathing apparatus of some sort, as evidenced by the mechanical wheezing noise made by many of the troopers. They were armed with a type of Stun blaster, though some did wield standard Imperial Blaster rifles.[3] However, most Terror Troopers preferred to close the distance and attack with their clawed gauntlets, utilizing hit-and-run tactics that literally terrorized their foes.[4]

The Terror troopers were vulnerable to energy discharges, such as Force lightning, as these would short out their cloaking devices and other on-board systems.[3]

Terror DroidEdit

Terror Droids attacking

Starkiller being attacked by a swarm of Terror Droids.

The Terror Droids consisted of a bulbous, self-illuminated body with four claw-like legs. They often traveled through ventilation ducts and attacked their targets in swarms, quickly overwhelming. Their favored method of attack was to leap at their foes and latch on to their torsos, fiercely attacking from close range.[4] When damaged some Droids would also fix themselves in one place and convert into proximity mines.[1]

When latched onto their victims chest, the Terror Droids could be wrestled off, though only with great difficulty. The most effective attack against them was the Force repulse and Force lightning, though these abilities were limited to Force-users.[1]

Terror BiodroidEdit

TFU2 - Terror Biodroid 2

A Terror Biodroid.

Also known as Terror Giants, these hulking droids are designed for heavy assault and breaching actions. Terror Biodroids consisted of a large and bulky body with two massive, splayed legs and huge, razor sharp bladed arms. Their heads were designed in imitation of Grievous' mechanical cranium, topped off with the stylized Kaleesh war mask.[2]

Their arms were used for cutting through walls and impaling foes, and were utilized in conjunction with the Biodroid's surprising speed in aggressive dashes. Though they could be a challenge even for a Jedi of Starkiller's callibre, they were not without weaknesses. Typically, their missed lunges with their bladed arms would pierce the ground and get stuck. Also, their lack of flexibility meant that an opponent need only get on their back to avoid their attacks, while fighting back with impunity.[4][1]

Terror WalkerEdit

Titan Droid TFU2 E3

Starkiller fights a Terror Walker.

The most dangerous unit within the Terror Soldiers, the Terror Walker was essentially an enlarged version of the Terror Droid. In addition to the basic arachnid-like construction of its type, the Walker also boasted two massive energy projectors connected to its body and a powerful personal energy shield.[4][1]

Due to its size and destructive capabilities, the droid was able to move about the battlefield with relative impunity, destroying everything in its path. Even the powerful Starkiller was forced to rely heavily on environmental factors to bring it down. Notably, the droid was vulnerable to EMP blasts, which would disrupt its shields.[1]


"I'll need a squadron of stormtroopers. They won't be coming back."
"The Empire will provide whatever you require."
"They'll do."
―Boba Fett and Darth Vader, during the bounty hunter's introduction to the Terror Troopers[src]

The Terror Soldiers were one of several programs Darth Vader was spearheading on Kamino, the primary being the Galen Marek cloning experiments. When one of his subjects escaped, Vader hired Boba Fett to retrieve him, giving him command of numerous Terror Soldier units. As per Vader's advice, Fett opted to attack the Rebel Alliance fleet and kidnap Juno Eclipse, a Rebel officer with whom the clone subject was infatuated.[1]

With the Terror Soldiers on board TIE boarding craft, Fett coordinated the attack on Eclipse's vessel, the Salvation. The Terror Troopers and Terror Droids led the charge, and most of the Salvation's crew died quickly. Fett entered the Salvation soon after and rendezvoused with several Terror Troopers, warning them that Starkiller's Force lightning was liable to disrupt their onboard systems.[3]

When Starkiller and Rahm Kota encountered the Terror Troops, Kota's Force sight countered their cloaking devices while Starkiller's lightning made short work of them. Starkiller would later encounter the Terror Droids and Biodroids, bringing them down. When finally pitted against the Terror Walker in the Salvation's main reactor, Starkiller relied on EMP blasts from the reactor core to short out the Walker's shields, allowing him to attack it directly. Starkiller eventually used Telekinesis to force the Walker through a rent in the Salvation's hull and out of the ship, while the ship was in hyperspace. The droid dissolved into non-space.[5]

The Terror Soldiers also participated in the defense of Kamino during the ensuing battle there. While they were highly effective against the Rebel forces, their effectiveness against Starkiller was negligible.[1] The entire military division was likely destroyed during and after the battle, when the Timira City cloning facilities were destroyed by the Rebels.[5]



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