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This article is about the assassin droid used by the Imperial Remnant. You may be looking for the earlier model of assassin droid built by the Galactic Empire on Tatooine.

The Imperial assassin droid was a model of assassin droid utilized by the Imperial Remnant.


The Imperial assassin droid was short, rust-colored, and bipedal. It could run at fairly quick speeds and employed a pair of dual blasters as weapons. These offensive weapons were built directly into its hands. The droid was very accurate with its weapons but fragile in its armor; though it used this to its advantage with a powerful self-destruction system when disabled. However, when fighting alongside fellow Imperials, this could be more of a hindrance than a help when a disabled droid exploded next to the group.


These droids were utilized by Prince Xizor to protect his palace. The only other known sighting of these droids by individuals outside of the Empire was in 10 ABY when Kyle Katarn battled them on a Remnant-controlled asteroid over Altyr V.