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Imperial Asset K-33 was an Imperial agent in the Sith Empire. K-33 was sent to discover a weakness in the Kuat Drive Yards defense.


An Imperial agent in the Sith Empire, Imperial Asset K-33 was sent to discover a weakness in the Kuat Drive Yards defense. K-33 married into the Kuat family in order to get more power. K-33 moved to a residence in the Kuat Drive Yards Governor Quarters to be closer to his objective. K-33 started heading the Kuat Drive Yards security, putting strain on his relationship with his family. Shroud SF-4 of the The Shroud's network had been tracking K-33 in a attempt to recruit him, but thought of him as not a very good agent but could be used as a unwilling collaborator. SF-4 made initial contact with K-33 under the guise of a shipyard administrator concerned with lax security to learn about the defenses of the Drive Yards. K-33 promised to take SF-4 through all the security measures as a act of reassurance. K-33 made a transmission to Admiral Zasha Ranken of the Imperial Armada, suggesting a single defensive station was key to subverting all Kuat Drive Yards security protocols. SF-4 went to the station to liberate some newly manufactured capital ships for the network, but was found out by K-33 and got stabbed in the back with a vibroknife. SF-4 managed to transmit his journal entries to The Shroud before death. Asset SF-5 of the network was later sent to dispose of SF-4's body and belongings and to observe the Battle for Kuat to learn who the victor was.


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