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Imperial Defense Droid

Imperial Defense Droid

The Imperial Defense Droid was a large droid used by the Galactic Empire to defend certain installations, such as the Death Star I hangar bay. Standing around 18 feet tall, it had an elongated rounded horizontally-held body with thin arms ending in pincers and two thick rear-bending legs. Its armament consisted of homing missiles and using its size and weight to attack.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The Imperial Defense Droid is the boss of the Death Star Hangar Bay level in the Super Nintendo game Super Star Wars. It jumps around the screen to move, never walking, and is only vulnerable to attack when the body opens for a second to fire homing missiles. The missiles do little damage, but the Droid can fire a respectful barrage of them, and physically touching the Droid also damages the player, which happens often because of its size and tendency to jump at/on the player.


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