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"Imperial loyalists condemned the Free Ryloth movement after outlaw Cham Syndulla claimed responsibility for a reservoir explosion that washed away an Imperial hovertrain."
―A report in the TriNebulon News[src]

The Imperial hovertrain was a type of repulsorlift craft that was used by the Galactic Empire during the Ryloth insurgency. During the insurgency on Ryloth, Cham Syndulla and his resistance fighters attacked a reservoir that swept away an Imperial hovertrain. The attack was later condemned by Governor Pommel on the TriNebulon News.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Imperial hovertrain was first mentioned in the 2017 canon reference book, Star Wars: The Rebel Files, authored by Daniel Wallace.[1] The Imperial hovertrain had originally appeared in Star Wars Legends in The Return of Ben Kenobi, a comic strip released in 1982.[2]


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