The following is an email conversation between me and Jason Fry about the Imperial ministries on Lothal that appear in his Servants of the Empire young adult series. He has kindly given me permission to reproduce this conversation on Wookieepedia. Andykatib 03:07, 3 December 2015 (UTC)

Source:  E-mail from Jason Fry, permission granted to postAttribution:  Jason Fry


I've just got one question. Throughout the series, your novels mention that there are a number of Imperial ministries on Lothal like the Transportation Ministry, the Security Ministry, and the Education Ministry. Are these part of the Imperial central government or are they local Lothalian ministries that answer to the Galactic Empire? Is the Security Ministry on Lothal a separate organization from the Imperial Security Bureau? The books aren't very clear on this matter.

Jason Fry:

Thanks Andrew.

Re the ministries, I imagined them as local branches of Imperial ministries. But I dunno if they were imposed from the outside or were local organizations that got taken over. I'd assume the former, but couldn't say for sure. It's really a question for the show creative team....



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