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This article is about the throne room on the first Death Star. You may be looking for the throne room or the audience chamber within the Imperial Palace on Coruscant, the temporary chamber within the EmPal SuRecon facility, the throne room aboard the Death Star II; all of which served as the seat of power under Emperor Palpatine's Galactic Empire.

The throne room of the first Death Star, also referred to as the Observation Dome, served as the seat of the Galactic Emperor while he was away from Coruscant and the Imperial Palace, as well as a means to oversee the Death Star's construction.


Even though Palpatine rarely left his confines within the Imperial Palace within Coruscant, Imperial regulations mandated that a throne room for the Galactic Emperor be built on the first Death Star in the event that he end up visiting the Death Star.

Capture of Rebel leadersEdit

After the High Command of the Rebel Alliance was exposed to the Empire, and were detained, they were brought before Palpatine where he was to sentence them to be tortured, give him the names of all of the Rebel forces and their allies and then end up executed in public, as well as promising that he will ensure that their executions are very painful to destroy any chances of future revolts. Galen Marek managed to break in to save his friends, also critically injuring Darth Vader in a duel, to which Palpatine then ordered Galen Marek to kill Vader so he could take Vader's place as Palpatine's apprentice. However, Palpatine then tortured Rahm Kota with Force lightning when he attempted to strike Palpatine down so Marek won't have to turn to the Dark Side. Palpatine and Marek then dueled each other via force abilities, with Palpatine eventually ending up defeated. Despite facing his death Palpatine attempted to goad Marek into killing him so he could still turn the Jedi to the dark side. However, with Kota's help, Marek refused to give in, and Marek later sacrificed himself to allow his friends to escape the Emperor and his forces. As a result of Marek's sacrifice, the Emperor's throne room ended up heavily damaged. It is unknown if the throne room ended up repaired prior to the Death Star's destruction two years later.[1]


The throne room was situated right near one of the convergence arrays of the Concave Dish Composite Beam Superlaser. The entrance to the throne room proper was designated by a circular door with a clock-like lock. The outside area of the throne room was a room with a central pillar with two entry points, similar to the future Death Star II. It also contained lifts. In the center was an energy field that was presumably used as a temporary floor as is was incomplete at the time. The south area contained a hallway leading to the Conclave Dish area, whereas the north led to the inner sanctum, with the east and west sides containing windows. The inner sanctum contained a large dias with a long hall platform leading to the Emperor's area. A shield generator comes up to prevent the Emperor from being attacked, and also as a means to prevent escape from the Emperor. Within the shielded area was an array of plexiglass monitors that were presumably for monitoring areas on the Death Star and/or to plan strategies during a battle. The throne itself was just beyond the shielded area. There were also capsules for imprisoning people inside. Red Royal Guards as well as Imperial Senate Guards can also be summoned to aid the Emperor if need be.[1]



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