Imru Ootmian was an Ubrikkian space yacht that had been modified for Popara Anjiliac Diresto's personal use. In Huttese, the ship's name meant "Wandering Outlander." The vessel remained in the Hutt's possession for many centuries before the onset of the New Order, during which he maintained his ship with loving care to ensure that it was always in top operating condition. After Popara's death at the hands of his own offspring, Mika, the younger Hutt took the ship to Varl and had it dismantled for parts to build his own vessel.

The craft resembled the Star Jewel, but was smaller. It was slow and appeared to be merely a pleasure ship, but was well-armed. It was covered in polished chrome. It had high, wide corridors; ornate carved doorways; well-lit alcoves displaying rare art; large staterooms; a large audience room; a long banquet hall; a lounge with a stage for performers; heavy armor plates and shields; maneuvering jets; a HoloNet transceiver; slave circuits; a sensor mask; and eight escape pods. Though not for sale, the craft was valued at 5,108,000 credits.