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"Inc" was the nickname of a clone trooper lieutenant who fought in the Clone Wars as a part of 327th Star Corps under the command of Commander Bly


Inc, like his fellow troopers, was created on the planet Kamino[1] in 32 BBY.


Inc, alongside with Galle, Bly and Barr, utilizing jetpacks to ambush CIS battle droids.

Early in the war, the 327th attempted to reap information from the memory banks of a Confederate tactical droid, by setting up a trap in a rocky canyon. They were able to fabricate an information bunker, which attracted the attention of the droid. In turn, the unit ordered his troops to attack the bunker, prompting Inc and the men of the 327th to attack them from the rear. They were able to effectively dispatch the droid's troops, while Jedi General Aayla Secura beheaded the tactical droid. Since the droid had not gone into cyberostasis, they would be able to extract information from its memory banks.[3]

In the last days of the wars the 327th fought in the Battle of Felucia under the command of Jedi Knight Barriss Offee. Assigned to support Barriss during her trek to a water station on Felucia, Inc was killed by a DSD1 dwarf spider droid that blasted him in the back during a surprise ambush.[2]

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