"One from the vaults"
―Boba Fett on Incavi Larado[src]

Incavi Larado, also known as Incavi Baker after her short-lived marriage with Miagi Baker, was the mayor of the city of Dying Slowly on Jubilar, and one of Boba Fett's informants.


Larado reported Han Solo's visit to Jubilar in 19 ABY to Boba Fett, using a 25-year-old encryption code that amazed Fett, after she offered Solo a job smuggling Jandarra vegetables to Shalam. Fett arrived on Jubilar intent on killing Solo. Unfortunately for Larado, Fett's shot at Solo missed him and hit her instead, the first time in Fett's entire career that he killed the wrong target. Fett knelt beside Larado's body and held her hand until she died.