"I'm incident commander. I say how and when anyone goes in."
―Dovel to Omega Squad[src]

Incident Commander was a title utilized by the Coruscant Security Force during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. It was given as a temporary designation to the officer placed in charge of a major police operation, regardless of the officer's rank. The Incident Commander had control of all police resources at the scene of the incident and was in charge of planning all negotiations. The commander also had final say on tactical options. During the Galactic City Spaceport hostage crises in 22 BBY, CSF Lieutenant Dovel was the designated Incident Commander.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Incident Commander first appeared in Omega Squad: Targets, which was written by Karen Traviss and published in Star Wars Insider 81 in March of 2005. It was republished in Republic Commando: Triple Zero, which was also by Karen Traviss, on February 28, 2006.[1] The position has striking resemblance, including that of its name, to an Incident Commander in the United States who, regardless of everyday rank, is placed in charge of an incident when a private organization or a local, state, or federal agency utilizes FEMA's Incident Command System.[2]


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