Incident on Kashyyyk is a short comic story published in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Comic UK 6.37.

Publisher's summaryEdit

This issue's all-new Star Wars: The Clone Wars comic adventure takes place on the planet of Kashyyyk, homeworld of the mighty Wookiees! As rumors surface that some Wookiees aren't happy to be allied with the Republic, Obi-Wan and Yoda attend a conference on Kashyyyk to provide security, but it's not the Separatists that they should be worrying about this time!

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  1. This story is set after "Heroes on Both Sides" (21 BBY), as "Deadly Droid" mentions the Bombing of Coruscant's central power distribution grid. Considering that the comics featured in Star Wars Comic UK are published in chronological order, it can be concluded that "Incident on Kashyyyk" takes place in 21 BBY.