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"It must be stopped before the contagion spreads. Since neither Empire or Republic can single-handedly destroy this menace with the resources available right now, you must work together to see it done."
Dao Stryver[src]

Independent Operation Sebaddon was a conflict that took place during the Cold War. Initially both the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire intended to annex the remote planet Sebaddon but both fleets were ravaged unexpectedly by the amnioid hexes which forced the ancient enemies to fight together in order to destroy the droids before the contagion spread across the galaxy.


In Wild Space smuggler Jet Nebula in the Auriga Fire interdicted the Cinzia which self-destructed shortly after he announced his intention to steal its contents. Although it may not have appeared valuable he did salvage the Cinzia's nav computer and returned it to Hutt matriarch Tassaa Bareesh who announced her intention to auction it to the highest bidder.

Eldon AxEdit

Sith apprentice Eldon Ax returned to her Master, Darth Chratis, to report not only her failed mission but the humiliation of being defeated and interrogated by the Mandalorian Dao Stryver. The furious Chratis spared his apprentice only because of his interest in what was asked in the Mandalorian's interrogation, information about Ax's mother Lema Xandret and the location of the Cinzia.

Darth Chartis informed his apprentice that Lema Xandret was her mother who had refused to hand her daughter over to the Sith for training and as a result she absconded and successfully went into hiding beyond the reaches of the Empire.

The battleEdit

The battle was certainly long and difficult. After seeing a Missile hit a cruiser but not explode, the combined republic/sith fleet noticed little six-legged "snowflakes" all in the vicinity. These turned out to be Hex droids, and they began to take control of capital ships and ram them into other ships. Starfighters and capital ships fought them to some degree of efficiency, even though the hexes displayed brilliant tactics, such as merging to make a single enormous hex or fling individual ones like slingshot bullets at enemy ships.

The space battle had many casualties, but the ground battle was noticeably smoother, and they eventually found out about Cinzia Xandret, the person the droids attempted to "protect".


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