"We were good men once…"

The Indobok Pirates, headed by Captain Huba, were a gang of pirates that operated in the Kalarba system. The group was named after the living moon of Kalarba, Indobok.


"We were cooks…the finest chefs in the sector. We had a dream…"

The Indobok Pirates did not originally plunder for pleasure; instead, they cooked. The band, known as the finest cooks in their sector, dreamed of opening a cantina. Hoping to draw one step closed to their dream, the group accepted a job offer from Olag Greck to cook a meal for a Hutt. Unbeknownst to Huba and his men, Greck poisoned the broiled feejay in a failed attempt to kill the Hutt. Realizing his plan had backfired, Greck framed the pirates for serving spoiled feejay, convincing the Hutt to send the pirates to work in a crystal mine.[1]


Indobok Pirates mine

Working the crystal mine

Months later, the men escaped on a small ship, fleeing with bounties on their heads and ruined reputations. Desperate to open a cantina and fulfill their dream, the group resorted to piracy, naming themselves the Indobok Pirates.[1]

Eventually, the pirates ran across the Tharen Wayfarer, a Kalarban starship under the ownership of the Pitareeze family. Hoping to plunder its valuables, the men attacked with swoops and blasters and seized the ship, the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO, and a Stenness pie, leaving only a lifeboat for the rest of the crew and passengers. After the successful raid, the pirates returned to their cave hideout and celebrated with many bottles of Elba-beer from the ship's stock.[1]

A new captainEdit

"It was all by the code. Artoo beat the Cap'n's man in fair contest, and the Cap'n refused to honor it! These two droids won the pendant fair and square!"

R2-D2 and C-3PO, now unwillingly in the employ of the Indobok Pirates, cooked for the men as they celebrated the recent plunder. However, most of the men had too much beer, and soon passed out. Hoping to escape and return to the Pitareezes, C-3PO summoned R2-D2, and the two began to exit the cave. Yet not all of the pirates were asleep, and Ripter and another stopped the droids and challenged them to a vump-shugga race. In order to defend their honor, the two would have to retrieve the Captain's pendant from a mountain peak and return it to Huba before their challenger, Ripter. The three raced towards the peak, droids on one swoop and Ripter on a second. Ripter quickly beat the droids to the pendant, but C-3PO managed to snatch it from his hand. Distracted by the droids' success, Riptor accidentally flew in to a group of vynocks and crashed into the rocks. Upon returning to the cave, C-3PO attempted to give the pendant back to Huba, but the captain refused and threw it to the ground. In doing so, he unintentionally forfeited his captaincy, and Muptupp quickly enforced the election of a new captain. C-3PO declined the offer, and so R2-D2 received the Captain's pendant.[1]

During the renewed celebration brought on by R2-D2's sudden promotion, Olag Greck and Xob forced the captured kid, Nak Pitareeze, to lead them to the Indobok Pirates' hidden base. Greck forced Nak to return to the pirates, then crashed the party and pulled his blaster on Huba. At gunpoint, Huba explained that he no longer commanded the pirates, and that R2-D2 was the de facto captain. Confused by the change of command, Greck did not notice the form sneaking up behind him until it was too late. Ripter, thought to have perished in the vump-shugga race, returned just in time to wrest control of the situation from Greck and save the pirates. Greck and Xob fled, and the pirates once more picked up their celebration. However, due to his programming, R2-D2 realized that he would not be able to command the plundering, thieving pirates. The astromech droid relinquished command, and in exchange for the return of the Tharen Wayfarer, provided the cooks-turned-pirates with his recipe for Stenniss pie.[1]


Note: One of the pirates below is Glurrg.[1]



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