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The Indrexu Spiral, originally known as the Ihala Spiral[1], was an almost impassable nebula in the Tion Cluster of the Outer Rim. The Spiral was composed of proto-matter, gas, comet debris, and asteroid fields. Starships wanting to reach the Tion Cluster were required to make a detour.


The Ihala Spiral was renamed Indrexu Spiral in honor of Indrexu, the legendary Queen of Ranroon who heroically resisted the invasion of Xim the Despot.[1]

At a certain point, a team of pilots hired by Mika the Hutt had to choose between risking an accident at the Indrexu Spiral, or risking the wrath of their employer. They found a hyperspace route to go through the Spiral, although they crashed on Endregaad in the process, which would eventually led to Mika disappearing.

Mika's father, Popara the Hutt, hired an independent group from one of the main powers in the galaxy to find and rescue Mika, and offered the route (which could be sold for at least 50,000 credits) as part of the payment.



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