Indrexu sector was a sector located near the Tion Cluster of the Outer Rim region of the galaxy.

Planets in Indrexu sector included Ank Ki'Shor, Janodral Mizar, Estaria and Endregaad.

The Indrexu Spiral, a nearly impassable astrographic feature composed of proto-matter and gas, was located in this sector.


The region, originally called Far Indrexu, was discovered during the expansion of Xim the Despot's empire circa 25,100 BBY. It later formed the Indrexu Confederation, one of the many fiefdoms that formed the remnants of the empire of Xim. The Indrexu Confederation disappeared when the cluster joined the Republic. The region was integrated in the Tion Hegemony during the Old Republic era.[2]

The sector was created on the same area as the Indrexu Confederation when the Galactic Empire split the Tion Hegemony into multiple sectors.[2]



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