The Industrial District of Worlport was located along the capital city's northern border, separating the city from the expansive Scraplands beyond.


The buffer zone for the city of Worlport, the Industrial Zone was situated directly between the city and the Scraplands. The district was populated by laborers who worked at all hours of the day, maintaining the factories, chemical plants, and sweatshops operated by the corporate elite of Ord Mantell. The worst of the city's smog was created in the district, choking out the sun and making it difficult to breathe in certain areas. With little oversight from the Central Authority, the corporate overlords that control the district were free to ignore environmental standards or worker's rights to ensure the production of their materials for profit. Aside from what showed up on inventories, the factories of this region produced weapons, pharmaceuticals, and war droids for the grey- and black-markets offworld.[1]


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