Infectious moss attaches itself to a host.

Infectious moss was a deadly organism on the planet Kuras III. This moss was characterized by a bland color described as a swirling of green, gray, and tan. When touched by living organisms, the fuzzy plants would cling to the individual and begin to infect its skin. If the moss was not removed immediately, it would begin to feed off of its host, infecting it and making the moss much more tough to remove. The moss' absorption of its hosts nutrients would slowly sap the host's energy and strength, making self-removal even more difficult. If not treated, the moss would eventually kill its host.

The removal of infectious moss was an arduous procedure, and only experienced medical practitioners could hope to save subjects that had come into contact with it. However, medical treatment was not the only way to have the moss removed. The native Aganof species treated infectious moss as a delicacy and were known to savor its taste. Those infected by the moss could sometimes persuade Aganof natives to eat the moss off of their bodies to save them from the moss' grip. Since the native species of Kuras III lacked traditional language skills, the moss lacked a specific name. Explorers to the world gave the moss its generic name as a result.