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"Sir? Does this unit have a name yet?"
"It does. It's a promise to the rebels. It's called Inferno Squad."
Gideon Hask and Admiral Garrick Versio[src]

Inferno Squad was a special forces commando unit commanded by Iden Versio during the Galactic Civil War. The Inferno Squad was first commissioned to infiltrate and destroy the Dreamers, an extremist group composed of former members of Saw Gerrera's Partisans that were not present with Saw on Jedha.


Hunting the PartisansEdit

"You will do as you are instructed. No questions. We need to re­cover anything and everything, anyone and everyone, who might pose the slightest threat to the Empire. You are all accustomed to being part of something larger than yourselves. To being a part of a vast machine. But this unit will be a microcosm of only four. You'll be performing the majority of your duties without direction from me—in fact, there may be lengthy periods of time when you will not be in contact with me at all. It is imperative that you learn very quickly how to work together smoothly and efficiently. You'll find that a great deal of weight will be resting on your shoulders."
―Admiral Garrick Versio informing the newly formed Inferno Squad of their orders[src]

Inferno Squad was commissioned after the Alliance to Restore the Republic scored its first major victory when they stole the plans to the Death Star during the Battle of Scarif, and ultimately destroyed the battle station during the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY. Inferno Squad was tasked with infiltrating and ultimately destroying the Partisans, an extremist group that was led by resistance fighter Saw Gerrera before his death.[1]

Battle of EndorEdit


Gideon Hask, Iden Versio and Del Meeko.

In 4 ABY, at least three members of the group participated in the Battle of Endor. They were on the forest moon when the Rebels destroyed the Death Star II. After this, they sought to avenge the Emperor,[2] who had perished on the station.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Inferno Squad was first revealed on the official Star Wars website on February 17 2017, with the announcement of their feature book.[4] On April 14 2017, EA Star Wars posted on Twitter a video teasing the announcement trailer of Star Wars Battlefront II at Celebration Orlando the next day. The video also featured Aurebesh text, which reads "Inferno Squad" when translated.[5] In the Celebration Orlando livestream, the group was revealed to be in the game, and the focus of the single-player campaign.[2]



Notes and referencesEdit

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