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"Sir? Does this unit have a name yet?"
"It does. It's a promise to the rebels. It's called Inferno Squad."
Gideon Hask and Admiral Garrick Versio[src]

Inferno Squad, or simply Inferno, was an Imperial special forces commando unit commanded by Iden Versio during the Galactic Civil War. Inferno was first commissioned to infiltrate and destroy the Dreamers, an extremist group composed of former members of Saw Gerrera's Partisans that were not present with Saw on Jedha after the Battle of Yavin. They were later utilized again by Admiral Garrick Versio, father of Iden, as part of Operation: Cinder of the secret Contingency when he received a Messenger after the Battle of Endor.


Hunting the PartisansEdit

"You will do as you are instructed. No questions. We need to re­cover anything and everything, anyone and everyone, who might pose the slightest threat to the Empire. You are all accustomed to being part of something larger than yourselves. To being a part of a vast machine. But this unit will be a microcosm of only four. You'll be performing the majority of your duties without direction from me—in fact, there may be lengthy periods of time when you will not be in contact with me at all. It is imperative that you learn very quickly how to work together smoothly and efficiently. You'll find that a great deal of weight will be resting on your shoulders."
―Admiral Garrick Versio informing the newly formed Inferno Squad of their orders[src]

Inferno Squad was commissioned after the Alliance to Restore the Republic scored its first major victory when they stole the plans to the Death Star during the Battle of Scarif, and ultimately destroyed the battle station during the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY. Inferno Squad was tasked with infiltrating and ultimately destroying the Partisans, an extremist group that was led by resistance fighter Saw Gerrera before his death.[1]

After Gerrera's death, the remaining partisans scattered, and whilst some handed themselves in or were killed, the remainder formed a group living off Gerrera's dream by calling themselves the "Dreamers", and with knowledge provided to them were somehow dealing severe blows into the Empire. Admirable Admiral Garrick Versio set out a plan to help get each of the four members to the Dreamer base. Del Meeko and Gideon Hask would pose as brothers, where they would infiltrate a pirate ship and ally with the Dreamers, Seyn Marana would pose as a slave to later be rescued by them, and Iden Versio would be portrayed as a traitor to the Empire by pretending to somewhat sympathise with the rebels, and then be detained by the Empire and then rescued by the Dreamers.[1]

Marana, Meeko and Hask each arrived on the Dreamer base, found on the dark side of the planet Jeosyn within a couple of weeks. Iden, accompanied by Azen Novaren who had rescued her, arrived over a month after her "act of treason". Knowing full well who Iden was, one of the high authority figures of the Dreamers and the one with the inside knowledge, known only as "The Mentor", aimed to use Iden as a "voice" of the Dreamers to try and strike blows at the Empire. At first, the squad could not be seen talking to each other as it would have given their identities away, but instead had to blend in with other Dreamers, helping where needed on missions and tasks throughout the base, using their skills to their advantage. Whilst Iden would learn to become the voice of the Dreamers, Marana would listen in to conversations throughout the base; whilst she only posed as knowing Basic and Huttese, she was fluent in numerous languages; Hask, whilst not being given his chance to fly ships, would help on supply runs and fix a destroyed TIE fighter and Meeko would help Piikow with his investigations on mysterious crystals found in strange statues.[1]

Living as the EnemyEdit

As the weeks passed, whilst still committed to the mission, Inferno Squad were starting to see the human side to the group. Iden was slowly becoming good friends with the Mentor, Hask, whilst it was his task, was spending a lot of his time with the other high authority of the Dreamers Staven to see what he knows, Meeko's friendship was growing with Piikow, and Marana was helping to blossom a romantic relationship with another Dreamer member, Sadori Vushan, though she stated to have no actual romantic feelings for him.[1]

Despite this, the squad had begun to see irregularities within the Dreamers. The Mentor and Staven had a somewhat rivalry, and after hearing about Azen's background the squad realised he could become a liability. Communication between the squad was still an issue, however Meeko had engineered a droid that, when the time was right, would visit each squad member, who would then place their single-button communications device inside it. Their device would then receive a second button only for the members of Inferno Squad to talk on. Once all four members were in communication, they discussed on whether Azen might be working as a double agent, so hatched a plan so that, should the situation arise, would dispatch of him.[1]

The Mentor soon had a way to strike another blow at the Empire. With Iden now trained to speak publicly, the Dreamers infiltrated Ephor Emoch Akagarti's family home, where Iden, Staven, Nadrine and Kaev took him and his family hostage. Iden, Staven, Dahna and Emoch travelled to the water purification plant, where they staged a recording showing how the plant does not purify the water it sells to many consumers. Whilst Emoch refuted the claims and stated he would happily drink it to prove it was drinkable, Iden played against him by claiming that whilst the water was not deadly to a grown adult, unless vast quantities were drank at once, to a child the water was considered lethal. She told Kaev, back at the Akagarti family home with his wife and children, to give one of the children a bottle to drink, where Emoch admitted the claims were true. Emoch was thrown in the water of the plant, and Nadrine stayed for a little longer to get some shots of the plant. Unfortunately stormtroopers had been led to the plant, and in the escape Nadrine perished.[1]

Back on Jeosyn, looking for someone to blame on how they were found out, Staven was told about information found in his ships databanks, making claims that Novaren was actually working as a double agent, claims which Marana had planted. Knowing his death was imminent, Novaren made idle threats to the Dreamers, where, after seven hours of torture, he died. [1]

The Dreamers CrumbleEdit

Things were starting to fall in to place with Inferno Squad as the tensions were beginning to rise within the Dreamers. Hask was becoming ever more closer to Staven, which helped hugely if Iden needed Hask to plant ideas into his mind. As for Meeko and Piikow, Meeko was beginning to see him as somebody whom he might be able to switch to the side of the Empire, upon sharing similar ideals. Marana's relationship with Sadori would also help, due to the fact that she was also becoming friendly with his parents, Ru and Halia Vushan. Their relationship would also benefit in the next mission for the Dreamers.[1]

The next mission would be to infiltrate a munitions factory on the world named Anukara, with Marana and Sadori portraying themselves as school children, what with their relatively young age and looking so too. The school they would be with would receive a tour of the factory and their task would be to plant bombs which would ultimately kill the Moff named Rys Deksha and General Ivel Toshan. Still raw from the death of Nadrine, Staven found this as a great opportunity to also kill the four hundred school children that studied under the eye of the Empire. Whilst many objected, including the members of Inferno Squad, due to being the leader of the Dreamers, Staven had the last word on it.[1]

When the mission began, posing as a couple, Marana and Sadori (wearing make up to cover his alien look) successfully infiltrated the factory with the school, with Marana claiming she had a disability that required Meeko's ID10 droid, which ultimately carried parts of her bomb, whilst she attached most of it to her chest. Meeko's role was to act as Marana's father, where she would call him and relay information to him as if it was a regular father and daughter conversation. When the time came to plant the bombs, the plan was to set them to blow in five minutes once activated. However Marana didn't want to kill the four hundred innocent school children, so she planted her bomb in the way that once it activated, it would detonate after fifteen minutes, which would kill the Moff and General, but would give the children enough time to leave the area. Once five minutes had passed, Sadori realised the bombs hadn't gone on. Whilst Marana tried to hint what she had done, Sadori realised the mission couldn't be accomplished unless the bombs detonated. He kissed Marana, where he then entered the factory again to see what went wrong. Realising he would learn the truth, Marana activated the bomb, killing him, the Moff and General in the blast, though the children remained unharmed.[1]

Traitor in the DreamersEdit

Marana met with Iden soon after, where Marana consoled her on how she would never forget Sadori running back into the factory. With Ru and Halia seeing her as a friend of the family, they invited Marana to share in the shun-rai, a somewhat funeral meal for Sadori.[1]

A week later, doing what she does best, Marana was listening in to conversations from all manners of languages. She listened into a conversation between Piikow and Dahna, who were questioning Ru and Halia's parenting. Marana exclaimed back at them, only to remember that the pair were speaking in Chadra-Fan. Dahna picked up on this, as she recalled that Marana could only speak and understand Basic and Huttese. Believing Marana to be a traitor, Dahna dragged her to Staven. Things became heated, as Staven began accusing Marana of being an Imperial Agent. Marana struggled to talk her way out of the situation, and the Dreamers questioned what to do with her. Some Dreamers demanded her death, so Staven, who had not trusted Iden since day one, handed her the vibroblade and demanded she question Marana. As Iden turned to face Marana, one of the Dreamers stabbed Marana where she died soon after and her body dumped in the wilds.[1]

Staven then demanded Iden follow him, where in private, he gave her a chance to prove she was not also a traitor. Fortunately with her feelings towards her father, she managed to convince him. With this, it was time for Inferno Squad to actually get what they came for and find out where the Mentor gets his information from. A plan was created that whilst Staven and some dreamers would go out to get some more Dahna fruit, Meeko and Piikow would show the statues to the Mentor, hoping he might be able to help figure out what the crystals were for. Iden's plan was, while everyone was distracted, to infiltrate the Mentor's quarters to find out where he might be obtaining the information, whilst Hask kept a look out. When she entered his quarters, she found a data pad she was easily able to access, which turned out to be the Mentor's journal. She read this, and then cleaned up so it had looked like somebody had been searching his room, and then portrayed the facade of going for a run.[1]

The Dream's EndEdit

When the Mentor returned to his quarters, he had noticed his room had been searched and his journal read. He instantly blamed Staven. After fighting, the Mentor stormed off. Staven demanded Hask to go with him as well, where they spoke in private. Staven then asked Hask to kill the Mentor, which Hask agreed was for the best. Meanwhile, Hask let Iden know of this, who had followed the Mentor to the amphitheatre where they had trained on Iden's public speaking. With a gun trained on him, the Mentor revealed exactly how he was obtaining the information for strikes against the Empire. The Mentor revealed himself to be Lux Bonteri and also revealed he had in fact been given the information by his stepdaughter, who had now changed her name. Loyal to the Empire, she had given him eleven potential chances for Lux to hand himself in. Instead, he used this against the Empire to strike blows at them. After obtaining the information she needed, she fired at Lux and obtained the data chip he held with the information provided to him.[1]

Hask then communicated with Iden, telling her that he had a surprise for her. Upon returning to the encampment, she found that Hask and Del had succeeding in killing all the Dreamers. This made Iden furious due to Lux's words. Tensions rose between Iden and Hask, but were interrupted when the statues Del and Piikow had researched came to life and took the bodies of the Dreamers to take care of and handle with care. Whilst the situation did not ruin Iden and Hask's friendship, it was not the way Iden would have wanted to handle the situation.[1]

Iden, Hask and Meeko returned to the Empire, where they were debriefed by Garrick Versio. Whilst he stated things could have gone better, he commended their work. Unfortunately for Iden, her mother Zeehay Versio had passed away, though not believing Iden was the traitor she thought she was after Garrick, showing compassion, revealed the top secret details of Iden's mission to her before she passed. Inferno Squad next mission would begin to neutralise those blackmailing a Moff. They all arrived on the Corvus where it was revealed that, seeing him as somewhat of a friend, Iden had actually stunned Lux rather than killing him. They all then remembered Seyn Marana, who would always be known as a hero to the Empire.[1]

Battle of EndorEdit


Gideon Hask, Iden Versio and Del Meeko.

In 4 ABY, Iden, Hask and Meeko participated in the Battle of Endor. They were on the forest moon when the Rebels destroyed the second Death Star. After this, they sought to avenge the Emperor,[2] who had perished on the station.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Inferno Squad was first revealed on the official Star Wars website on February 17, 2017, with the announcement of their feature book.[4] On April 14, 2017, EA Star Wars posted on Twitter a video teasing the announcement trailer of Star Wars Battlefront II at Celebration Orlando the next day. The video also featured Aurebesh text, which reads "Inferno Squad" when translated.[5] In the Celebration Orlando livestream, the group was revealed to be in the game, and the focus of the single-player campaign.[2]



Notes and referencesEdit

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